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Descriere: When two people remain, one on each team, the other players will have the chance to bet a sum of money on who will win the round.
You have to have a minimum of $100 (adjustable through a cvar) to place a bet, but then you can raise your bet as much as your wallet performs.
If your bet wins, you win the other betters money. The more you bet, the more you win. If you win. :-)
Everything is completely menu driven, no need to learn any commands or anything.
Bots bet automatically.

Pots: If no one bets on winning player, all failing bets will be added to the pot. The next player to win a bet (win the most money, if more win the same bet), gets the pot.
If pot is not collected before map ends/server shuts down/crashes ;-) it will be there for next map.

Example: If you bet $200 on the t player, and another person bets $100 on the t player, and the t player wins, you will receive 2/3rds of the total sum of money bet by all players.

Winning over $16000: Win prizes (optional)! For the money you win over $16000, you receive something:

For each You receive
$1000 Xtra life (respawn as long as round did not end when you died, a note to all players go out that you respawned - and how many lives you have left)
$100 Health boost (+100 health when spawning)
$10 Assault suit (if you don't have 100 armour when spawning, you will be given a full assault suit)

Download: Aici

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