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Diablo Mod v8.0

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1 Diablo Mod v8.0 la data de Mar Aug 26, 2008 9:38 am


Descriere: The plugin is a mod like warcraft 3 with xp/level/skills. One thing to notice though is that the plugin is based on item finding instead of skills. When you kill someone there is a chance to find an item. Some are passive, like increasing your damage, some has a once-a-round effect while others just help you find even more powerfull stuff

There's is about 60 new items in the mod.
Some of the items are:
x) Place a camera who will follow nearest player
x) Sneak round with knife nearly invisible
x) Hold down DUCK to jump fast
x) Windwalk from dota
x) Blind your opponent when hit
x) Vampyric aura
x) Healing aura
x) Lay a fake c4 bomb and detonate it at will
x) Dagon from dota
x) Throw fireballs which detonates on impact
x) Blink forward with knife
x) Shield on another player to reflect his damage taken.
x) Jump down and stomp the ground killing all below you
x) Blind, slow, and damage all players around you with rot
x) Steal money and convert them into health
x) Put down mines which damage the opponent when they touch them
x) Become invisible to ALL players for x seconds.

x) Menu for a quick navigation menu
x) Iteminfo or /Iteminfo
x) Dropitem or /Dropitem
x) USE button to use specific items
x) /Rune to shop runes

x) Intelligence (Boost items damage and length)
x) Strength (Boost players hitpoints)
x) Dextery (Better chance to find more rare items and reduced damage)
x) Agility (More run speed and reduced magic damage)

Hero Classes:
x) Paladin (Bonus to strength)
x) Monk (Bonus to experience gained)
x) Assassin (Sillent and bonus to speed)
x) Barbarian (Regain hp when he kills an enemy)
x) Necromancer (Return damage taken and bonus to damage reduction)
x) Sorcerer (Bonus to intelligence)

Added 10/01/08
+Bugfix for stalkers ring with changerace
+Bugfix for medicine glar

Added 19/06/07
+Added server CVAR: diablomod_version
+Some small optimizations
+Bug with classes not shown in spectator mode fixed
+Invisible players can no longer be shielded (as this would ruin the invisibility)
+Item 25 now has a name (blood diamond)
+Darksteel glove damage is more accurate calculated
+Money is now withdrawed AFTER the initial checks for an upgrade is made

Download: Aici

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