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Zombie Swarm v2.4

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1 Zombie Swarm v2.4 la data de Lun Aug 25, 2008 3:09 pm


Descriere: It's humans(CT) vs zombies(T's) and the whole map is dark.
The objective of the mod is to kill all the zombies or kill all the humans.
You can also rescue hostages which adds some fun to the mod but can't plant the bomb.
You can use bots with this plugin but bots are to be in zombies all the time while players can join either team.

Modules: Cstrike & Fun & Engine & Fakemeta (Soon to be just Fakemeta)

When you are a zombie:
- You can only use knife (Model has changed to claws)
- Your health and armour is increased/decreased (Depending on cvar)
- Your speed is increased/decreased (Depending on cvar)
- You have green night vision (Colored night vision is laggy)
- When you hit a human and the damage is over a specific number. His/her camera is screwed
- Life steal (100%)
- Leap (Half life jump pack)

When you are a human:
- Every new round, you get a bit more cash then usual (Depending on cvar)
- When you hit a zombie in the head and the damage is over a specific number. His/her camera goes fuzzy
- Can(not) buy night vision goggles depending on cvar


zombie_swarm - 1/0/on/off

Health of zombies:
zs_health 2000

Armour of zombies
zs_armour 500

Speed of zombies:
zs_speed 300

The lighting of the map:
zs_lightning 1
0 = Normal day light
1 = Lightning
2 = Darkness (Not pitch black)

If zombies can leap:
zs_leap 0
0 = Off
1 = On

Extra cash for humans:

The needed damage to make a humans screen go fuzzy:
zs_zdmg 55

The needed damage in the head to make a zombie's screen go fuzzy:

Ammo system:
zs_ammo 0
0 = Default CS
1 = Unlimited ammo with reload
2 = Unlimited ammo without reload

Requires restmenu plugin to work
Restrict night vision for humans:
zs_nvg 1
0 = Don't restrict
1 = Restrict

Objectives like default CS in the mod. (eg: hostages and VIP)
zs_objectives 1
0 = Default CS objectives
1 = Remove objectives

Use zombie models
zs_use 1
0 = Don't use zombie models (Default CS skins will be used)
1 = Use zombie models


1. The file zombie_swarm.sma you put in addons\amxmodx\scripting
2. The file zombie_swarm.amxx you put in addons\amxmodx\plugins
3. Enter folder addons\amxmodx\configs\plugins.ini and add the line zombie_swarm.amxx
4. Replace folder cstrike with the folder in the cstrike game

Download: Aici

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