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Zombie Me v3.1

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1 Zombie Me v3.1 la data de Lun Aug 25, 2008 3:03 pm


Descriere: While you are in game and your the last person on your team and have $16000
or the z_cost cvar type /zombieme to turn into A ZOMBIE. Zombies go faster
have higher hp knife only higher armor and if they die the person that was a
zombie gets put back to normal. They now do more damage depending on cvar. This is not a zombie mod like zombie swarm or an infection mod its just a fun addon. kinda like /chickenme

z_speed (420 default) changes zombies speed.
z_cost (16000 default) changes zombies cost.
z_health (1300 default) changes zombies health.
z_armor (200 default) changes zombies armor.
z_gravity (0.5 default) 1.0 normal changes gravity.
z_glow (1 default) 1 on 0 off make zombies glow.
z_buyable (1 default) 1 on 0 off if people can buy it.
z_arena (0 default) 1 CT's are zombies 2 T's are zombies.
z_adminonly z_adminonly (0 default) 1 on 0 off if only admins can be zombies.
z_sounds (1 default) 1 on 0 off Zombie now make random sounds(sounds are from hl1)
z_damage (20 default) How much damage zombies do + normal damage

Whats new?:
-z_sounds for random zombie idle sounds
-z_damage zombies do more damage
-Added knife sounds for zombie too
-Added zombie Death sound
-Fixed Glowing no more fat shell
-Zombie Nightvision
-added server cvar to make it easer to find server with this plugin
-removed nightvision message i was using for testing.
-fix red screen not going away after you died

Zombies have:
Sweet knife model.
New pain sounds.
New player model.
If cvar is set will go red on t and blue on ct.

Tested on:
cz (works but u must have cstrike module)
cs (works)

say zombieme or /zombieme
team_say zombieme or /zombieme
say zombiehelp [for zombiehelp]
amx_zombiehelp [for help]
amx_zombie (Player name,CT,T,@ALL) requires ADMIN_KICK

Known Bugs:
some error logs should be fixed in next version.
*messes up chicken mod model
*Knife damage not working correctly
Please post if you find any.

To do:
For all of you that keep asking for infection it will be done! Just not sure how yet...
Should i make it turn the player into a zombie and move them to there team? or keep them on that team and turn them into a zombie not sure. POST IDEAS!!!
Post ideas!
I'll add this when i get infection.
*z_team (1 ct only, 2 t only, 3 everyone)
*z_zombie_limit (how many times can a person be a zombie?)
*z_messages (Should we show a message when someone turns into a zombie?)
*z_bomb (1 can use bomb 0 can't)
*z_weapons (1 can use any gun 0 can't) //This would be scary to see a zombie with a gun!

*eat a dead player and get x amount of hp.
*health regeneration

zombieme.amxx goes in "amxmodx/plugins/"
add line "zombieme.amxx" to plugins.ini

I require a +karma to download this plugin

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